Xfinity makes it easy to put your services on hold

Stay connected to your seasonal home — and save.

The Seasonal Convenience Plan Enrollment Site is designed for seasonal residents in select markets. You can put your Xfinity TV, Internet and Voice on hold while you're away - for just a low monthly fee. And, enrollment is free! Plus:

  • No disconnect, reconnect, or installation charges
  • No need to drop off or pick up equipment
  • Your home phone number and email address stay the same
  • Enjoy automatic service reconnection - without a service call

How Much Does it Cost?

Enrollment is free - there's just a low monthly fee depending on your service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Seasonal Convenience Plan?
  2. How does the Seasonal Convenience Plan work?
  3. How do I pay for the Seasonal Convenience Plan?

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It's easy to enroll - and it takes one thing off your to-do list.